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Nauss Plumbing and Heating offers dependable Venmar ventilation, to improve the air quality in your home. We also offer Five Season indoor electronic air cleaners, and GeneralAire® humidifiers for your systems. Let our skilled staff help you choose the right ventilation system for your home and needs. We are always happy to offer our expertise.

What does a ventilation system do?

Air doesn’t circulate very well in buildings with blocky rooms, so it is hard for air to flow in all the right areas. Even by opening all the windows you will have areas where air just doesn’t flow – it stays where it is. With an air exchanger like the Constructo 1.0 HRV, the air in your home will be completely replaced by fresh air from outside. Not only will the air have the same fresh feel of having your windows open, but it will be filtered, purified and have reduced excess humidity.

It is proven that having an air exchanger in your home helps:

– Eliminate mould
– Eliminate bacteria
– Eliminate unpleasant odours
– Protect your building from humidity related damage

The Constructo Series

The Constructo series is as versatile as it is compact. Configured with either vertical or horizontal ports, the Constucto 1.0 can fit just about anywhere. It is the most versatile 100 CFM unit available on the market. This compact, lightweight, and powerful unit is the ideal choice for high rise condos, new & small single family homes and other limited space applications.

In addition, it is the only air exchanger of its size that can be upgraded from a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), simply by changing its core. The Constructo 1.0 has earned the Energy Star® by meeting its high standards in energy use and conservation.

About the Venmar Brand

Venmar is the leader in North America for air quality. They are a company that is determined to promote innovation for the benefit of consumers everywhere. By setting their standards high, Venmar pushes for continuous progression, bringing the best quality air systems to your home.

What does the Air Cleaner do?

The Five Seasons Air Cleaners remove irritating airborne allergens, and lung damaging contaminants, as well as clear up smoky environments quickly. They are very effective in reducing noticeable pet, cooking, and tobacco odours, and restore the air’s natural ion balance. Five Seasons helps improve your air quality for a healthier, more comfortable environment.

About the Five Seasons Brand

For over 35 years, Five Seasons has focused their manufacturing efforts exclusively on making the very best air cleaning products possible. They offer a full line of Air Cleaners – including portable, duct-mount, commercial and industrial, as well as custom applications. With it’s sister company Electro Air, Five Seasons strives to bring you the best quality products made and manufactured here in Canada.

How can humidifiers help?

Dry air can have harmful effects on both you and your home. In people, the effects of dry air can lead to dry sinuses and throats, increased bouts of colds and flus, itchy, dry and cracked skin, as well as difficulty sleeping. The effects in your home can lead to the cracking of wooden floors, furniture, window frames and artwork, damage to stringed and wooden musical instruments, static electricity shocks that can damage electronics, and increased heating bills. All of these problems can be solved with the simple installation of a household humidifier.

About the GeneralAire Brand

GeneralAire® a division of General Filters, Inc. has been bringing quality whole house humidifiers since the early 1950’s. Over the years, the need for better indoor air quality has been paramount to good respiratory health. Using the latest technology available, GeneralAire® has continued to bring quality indoor air quality products that meet with the current needs of their consumers in this ever changing environment.

What are Ultraviolet lights used for?

Ultraviolet lights are used in both furnace and ventilation systems to kill bacteria in the air. This system is used in water treatment as well as sterilization of medical equipment. The light is strong enough to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria but is not strong enough to penetrate skin, so the light is fairly safe to people as long as you don’t stare into it. For all systems UV light is used in, it is usually shielded to prevent accidental exposure to people while it works. Air conditioning ducts and heating vents are known places where bacteria can grow and eventually spread into your home. With a UV light system in place, those pesky bacteria will have no place to go but towards the light.

Want to keep your air clean? With over 30 years of experience, Nauss has been built on the highest standards of materials and the utmost quality of workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote.