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Furnaces & Boilers

Nauss Plumbing and Heating offers dependable Tempstar furnaces; Viessman, Buderus and WeilMcLain boilers; Uponor and Ultra-fin radiant in-floor heating; and Taco and GrundFos water circulation systems to help keep your house warm in the Winter. Let our skilled staff help you choose the right heating unit for your home and needs. We are always happy to offer our expertise.

FURNACES – The Tempstar® SmartComfort® VC 97 Gas Furnace

The Tempstar® SmartComfort® VC 97 Variable-Communicating Modulating Gas Furnace is teamed with the Observer™ Communicating Control. This full-colour touchscreen control not only manages your heat but also coordinates with the compatible furnace, air conditioning and system accessories to create maximum efficiency and ideal home comfort.

About the Tempstar Brand

We are proud to offer TEMPSTAR® heating and cooling products, and are the exclusive dealer for TEMPSTAR® in the Sudbury area. Tempstar® professionals take pride in bringing you the latest technology in home comfort, with the goal of surpassing your expectations in energy efficiency and dependability. From engineering to design to industry-leading warranties, Tempstar® is dedicated to always delivering quality you can feel. Many of the Tempstar® products are awarded the Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR®. This award is given to products that are not only safer for the environment, but also save you money on your energy use. For more information about the ENERGY STAR® Program visit

Other Brands and Models

We offer many other brands that may be better suited for your specific application. Call today for more information on Tempstar Furnaces as well as other options.

BOILERS – What We Carry

We offer a wide range of high efficiency, gas and oil fired boilers from WeilMcLain, Buderus, and Viessmann.

For information on Boiler Maintenance click Here.

About the WeilMcLain, Buderus and Viessmann Brands

Weil-McLain is a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of heating and cooling equipment in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Their motto is to design and build the best products on the market first and to make them last, for decades.

Buderus boilers are all rated to have 85% AFUE’s and above, as well as be Energy Star compliant. This sets Buderus as one of the leading manufacturers in fuel efficient quality products that provide a comfortable heat in your home.

Viessmann is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of heating and renewable energy systems. They place themselves accountable for all of their dealings socially and environmentally, and make sure that they do their part to help.


We offer Uponor and Ultra-fin for radiant in-floor heating. In-floor heating is clean as it doesn’t use blowers which can be known to circulate dirt, dust, pollutants and allergens throughout your home. Forced air heating blows air in through vents which then rises towards the ceiling wasting most of your heating in areas where you don’t need it. In floor heating reaches every corner of your home from the ground up giving you a complete heating experience.

The way radiant in-floor heating works is: warm water flows through tubes located underneath the floors, the warmth radiates up from the floors and warms everything it comes in contact with. Radiant in-floor heating is compatible under any type of floor covering including: carpet, wood, slate, tile, linoleum, and even concrete. This versatility makes design possibilities endless.


We offer water circulation systems for your heating and cooling needs. Water circulators pump water throughout your house in a series of pumps that can be used with in-floor heating systems. As well as solar and hydronic heating. The circulation system can also be used as a chilled water cooling system.

Our main suppliers for circulators are Taco®, and GrundFos®. Both of which are supply quality products that can be proud of their name. Nauss offers not only the sale of the circulators, but the installation, maintenance and repairs to said units. Call and let our friendly and professional staff help you with your water circulator needs.

We also offer thermostats from Honeywell and White Rodgers, as well as Ultraviolet lights for your furnace.

What are Ultraviolet lights used for?

Ultraviolet lights are used in both furnace and ventilation systems to kill bacteria in the air. This system is used in water treatment as well as sterilization of medical equipment. The light is strong enough to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria but is not strong enough to penetrate skin, so the light is fairly safe to people as long as you don’t stare into it. For all systems UV light is used in, it is usually shielded to prevent accidental exposure to people while it works. Air conditioning ducts and heating vents are known places where bacteria can grow and eventually spread into your home. With a UV light system in place, those pesky bacteria will have no place to go but towards the light.

About the Honeywell Brand

Honeywell is one of the leading companies in Environmental and Combustion control. Honeywell is one of the Fortune 100 companies and is currently in over 120 million homes and 5 million buildings worldwide. With 125 years of bringing quality products to homes and buildings, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your purchase.

About the White Rodgers Brand

White Rodgers is a brand of thermostats from Emerson Climate Technologies. White Rodgers leads the industry in innovative thermostat function and design. They set an industry benchmark when they introduced the blue touchscreen thermostat. White Rodgers is a name trusted by contractors for technology-advanced, user friendly products.

Do you need a furnace or boiler to keep your family warm, or accessories to help keep your furnace running smoothly? With over 30 years of experience, Nauss has been built on the highest standards of materials and the utmost quality of workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote.