It is highly recommended that you have your boiler serviced by a trained professional at least once a year. Your boiler is a very important piece of equipment in your home and it is far better and in the end less expensive to have it checked and maintained than to have it break down and need either repair or replacement. Besides the cost advantages there is also the health advantages.

Regular Boiler maintenance is extremely important to ensure your safety and to keep your unit operating at its peak efficiency. Chimney vented boilers tend to collect dust and dirt on the burners and between the sections which block the flue passages. This blockage will result in the boiler producing Carbon Monoxide, which presents a dangerous situation for the residents of the home. T.S.S.A. requires that every atmospheric residential boiler under 300,000 btu’s be tested for Carbon Monoxide and tagged on an annual basis. Homes also must have a Carbon Monoxide detector on each level.

Carbon Monoxide Definition :
A colorless, odorless, highly poisonous gas, CO, formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon or a carbonaceous material, such as gasoline.